General Upholstery Care

Avoid placing your fabric and leather upholstery in direct sunlight, and maintain a safe distance from any heat source.

Vacuum your fabric upholstery often to prevent dust and other debris from becoming embedded in the fabric. Use the upholstery attachment to vacuum the surface of your upholstery as well as underneath the cushions.

Reverse (top-to-bottom) and rotate (side-to-side) seat and back cushions often to distribute wear. Fluffing cushions at the same time will keep the fill evenly distributed to minimize wrinkles and maintain the cushion loft and shape.

With use, "comfort wrinkles" will begin to appear in the cushions and will be particularly noticeable with larger/longer cushions. This slight and expected softening of the foam and flattening of the fiber and feather components is a natural part of the upholstery maturing process and is not a material or manufacturing defect.

Feather/down fill is standard in all throw pillows and requires frequent fluffing to maintain the loft and shape. Feathers and down may occasionally work their way through the downproof ticking. This is normal and evidence of air properly moving through the pillow.

An annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstered furniture looking at its best. Maintenance requires promptly treating spots and stains and should include routine, on-going care which reduces soil build-up on a fabric's surface. Do not rub or brush excessively, or you may cause fuzzing.

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